West Paw "The Dog's Best Friends Game" Board Game

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A board game that you can play with the whole family, including your dog! 

What's a party without a party animal?

Ahem. Someone has been missing from family game night—but not anymore! Now, your pup gets to be the life of the party. Unleash the fun (and even sneak in a little training) with this simple, silly game where humans laugh, dogs win, and best friends matter most.

Created by pet behavioralists, seasoned pet experts, and game design pros, the Dog’s Best Friend Game™ is made for super-safe, real life play. Breaks are built in, but feel free to take more! If a card isn’t a tail-thumper or gut-buster, just pass—there’s another fun challenge underneath. That’s it! Ready, set, sit, stay, play!

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