It’s simple. You either purchase your container from us or bring your own and refill the container in our bulk section. We have carefully selected our bulk containers to ensure freshness and contamination free food.

We will provide you with your feeding instructions and ingredients, so that you don’t lose that extra info from the bag.  

Dog Food is $4.50 per lb and you will not be charged for the weight of the container. Come back with your Good Boy container, and we will give you 10% off per refill. Don't forget to wash your containers in between uses!

We also have the option of purchasing in bags, with the commitment to a recycling program in partnership with Earth Options. For more information, see ‘WHY?’ below.

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Well, in short - we want to take part in saving our planet.

Use our refill option in store for ZERO WASTE, or bring us back your Earth Options bag and it will be brought to the proper facility to recycle. Earth Options is committed to making sure they properly recycle their bags of food if purchasing a bag is your preferred method.

Bulk Treats

We also carry an assortment of bulk treats from Crumps Naturals, Rocky Mountain Raw, Silver Spur, YES! and more.

Our selection rotates, however typically includes:

Sweet Potato Chews

Beef Liver Bites

Beef Lung

Freeze Dried Turkey

Bully Sticks

Pigs Ears


and more

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At Good Boy Collective, we want to work with businesses who put our dogs first.

Earth Options (By Pets 1st) is a BC based pet food company that has been in the pet food industry since 1994. You may not have heard of them...and that’s on purpose. They often refer to themselves as a ‘best kept secret’, relying on word of mouth and the great reviews of their recipes. They are only available in carefully selected pet businesses and directly.

Earth Options recipes strive for excellence in quality. Their recipes are simply superior in a crowded and confusing marketplace. They meet or exceed AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) as well as CVMA (Canadian Veterinary Medical Association) standards for all life stages. Earth Options only uses the finest ingredients which are sourced close to the production facility whenever possible. Currently their recipes are manufactured in Ontario, Canada. There are NO by-products or artificial preservatives in any of the recipes, and they only use defined meat and/or meal sources (Chicken, Salmon, Lamb, Turkey and Duck). Earth Options strives to keep you informed and have never made a decision that negatively impacts the quality of  foods, ingredients, or service. To learn more about Earth Options recipes, see here.

Earth Options gives back by donating 10% of their proceeds to rescues and shelters, and since 2012 they have given away 3000lbs of pet food to Canadian shelters/rescues. To learn more about how Earth Options gives back, see here.

To learn more about Earth Options commitment to sustainability in their business model, see here.



Grain Free Salmon Simplicity (Limited Ingredient)  

Grain Free Turkey Simplicity (Limited Ingredient)  (soon to be discontinued due to low demand, June 2023)

Grain Free Superfood

Lamb Optimal (Grain Inclusive)

Feline Indoor (soon to be discontinued due to low demand, June 2023)


Chicken Performance

We also carry Open Farm Ancient Grains Kibble and Carna4 in bags.

Yes, we also have Raw Dog Food and Freeze Dried Raw.

We carry a Low Waste option from BC's Best -  a premium raw pet food that is built on the core values of pet health, local ingredients, sustainable agriculture and humane animal production standards.

some more of our favourite foods and treats

We carry treats from the following Canadian companies:

Yes! Dog Treats (Vancouver, BC)

Billy's Treats (Toronto, ON)

Wild Vibes (New West, BC)

Droolers Dog Treats (Vancouver, BC)

Crumps Naturals (Brampton, ON)

Land & Sea (Newfoundland & Labrador)

 and fresh WET FOOD from:

Dog Standards (Toronto, ON)

Open Farm (Toronto, ON)


Open Farm (Toronto, ON)