Approved by Fritz - Red/Pink Leash


Are you looking to buy a durable red dog leash? Then you should definitely check out our beautiful collection of eco-friendly and stylish dog accessories designed for the modern-day dog owner. As a sustainable pet lifestyle brand based in New York, Approved by Fritz not only offers durable dog products but also supports local non-profit dog rescue organizations and small local sustainable business owners.


Total Leash Length                               72 inch            183 cm

Leash Connected to Hand Loop          62 inch            157.5 cm

Leash Connected to Midway Point      48 inch            122 cm

Leash Connected to 3/4 point             37 inch              94 cm

Leash Width                                         0.75 inch          1.85 cm

Fits best to medium to large size dogs between 20lb -  70lb that (look) similar Labradors, Pitt Bulls, Shepherds, Poodles etc.


Clean your leash with lukewarm water and a touch of dishwasher soap. Dry with a clean tea towel. As easy as it sounds, please do not use the dishwasher or washing machine to clean the leash.

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