North Hound Life - Bee Pollen for Dogs

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✔️ Immune Boosting
✔️ Allergies

Canadian Bee Pollen is a made from pollen, plant material and bee saliva! WOW!

Bee Pollen granules contain micronutrients, quercetin and protein which may support the immune system.

This is a popular superfood for athletic dogs. They may use it for energy and quick recovery.

Nearly half of the protein in Bee Pollen is made up of free-form amino acids which may be good for muscle building, and it contains quercetin. Research shows quercetin may function as a natural antihistamine.

Research on the polyphenols in bee pollen show it may function as an anti-oxidant.

When introducing any new item to your dogs diet do so gradually. This is especially true with bee pollen granules. Begin with 1/2 of the current dosage listed for your dog’s weight for the first two days, if no adverse effects are found increase dosage to 3/4 of dosage for your dog’s weight for an additional two days. If still no adverse effects are found, continue with the full dose for your dog’s weight. 

General Guidelines:

  • Suggested maximum use – 1/8 tsp per 10 lbs - once a day
  • Start slowly with small doses.
  • Store in a cool dry place away from humidity, heat, and direct light.


  • 100% Bee Pollen Granules

140 g | 250 mL in a recyclable glass jar

Superfoods are nutritionally dense whole foods. Perfect for raw fed, kibble fed, and home cooked diets.

Hand packed in Muskoka. 

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