Furei Pets Waterproof Adjustable Leash - Bone


Sleek, long-lasting, easy to clean. Crafted with our durable soft-touch material, it can get wet, muddy, dragged and pulled. It’s flexible, waterproof, and stink-proof to make sure your furry friend is always safe and comfortable. Wear the adjustable leash across your shoulder or around your waist, hold it as a regular handheld leash, or clip two dogs simultaneously.

  • Leash is 1" Wide
  • Total max length: 8.5ft; Adjustable length: 4.5ft; Non-adjustable length: 4ft
  • Designed for body inclusivity
  • One end has an easy clip, and the other has a lockable clip for safety
  • Irritation-free with a matte finish, grainy texture, and a buttery-soft touch
  • Suitable for dogs of all sizes, withstands pull of 250lbs

Please note: In heavy use areas (such as the d ring or leash clip) you may see some of the light gold color wear off over time. 

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