Churpi Durka Dental Chew


Churpi Durka dental chews are made from 100% organic grass and herb fed yak milk - nothing else.  There may be only one ingredient in our product but this one ingredient packs a nutritional punch and is recognized in the Journal of Dairy Science as a certified health food and nutraceutical (a food that increases health and has medicinal value).  Churpi Durka is very unique in  that not only is it an incredible dental chew but it is a  powerful nutritional supplement as well.  As a dental chew Churpi Durka is excellent at removing plaque and tartar and keeping gums strong. Nutritionally, yak milk churpi is loaded with omega 3 fatty acids, amino acids and antioxidants; Churpi Durka also has vitamins and minerals galore.  Yak milk is a nutritious whole food containing a plethora of nutritional properties;  made from such a powerful ingredient, Churpi Durka is 62% protein, easily digestible and full of health benefits for your pooch.  Gluten free, grain free and virtually lactose free - Churpi Durka is sure to keep  your dog happy and healthy. 

***The people of the high Himalayan region of Nepal have known about the health-giving properties of Yak's milk for centuries. We now recognize these same properties as antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids, all of which you will find high quantities of in yak milk.  Nepali yaks graze freely in natural pastures where wild grasses and herbs of high medicinal value grow and these are the staple of the yaks' diet.  As a result, these yaks are the healthiest animals of their kind and the benefits of yak milk are far greater than their nutritive value.  Similar to how a mother's milk will carry traces of the diet she chooses, so too does the yak's milk contain elements of these health-giving herbs.  To get an in-depth look at where Churpi Durka originates and how it's made, watch our exclusive video  on our home page made by our family in Nepal

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