Dog Training and Trainers

Training should be a positive experience for you and your dog to guide you in having a happy and healthy life together. It’s important to remember that training doesn’t end after puppyhood - it is a lifelong journey and lifestyle!

Here are some resources to assist you in choosing a dog trainer: 

Here are some Positive Reinforcement Dog Trainers that we recommend:

For some extra practice at home, we also really love the Puppr app for learning fun tricks or even some extra tips during the puppy phase  

The BCSPCA also has a resource of AnimalKind accredited dog trainers. For more options, please see the AnimalKind search engine here. 

*please note: GBC only recommends these specific trainers based on our own experiences with the trainer or from a trusted source recommendation. We are advocates for Positive Reinforcement Training (Force Free, Fear Free, Pain Free). Choosing a dog trainer is a personal choice - we have provided these resources to aid in your research process.