Dandylion - Fresh Coat Daily Cleansing Spray

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For a 5-minute fix to cleaner & fresher coat | Say goodbye to dirty & smelly coat with  Dandylion’s Fresh Coat Daily Cleansing Spray.

Fresh Coat is an innovative micellar water spray, designed to effortlessly cleanse your dog’s coat, leaving it soft, clean, and fresh in less than five minutes. Crafted with care, Fresh Coat offers a gentle yet effective formula that breaks down dirt and grime, making it perfect for those in-between bath days when your dog needs a quick refresh. Choose between our two-mist settings, spray generously over your dog's coat and gently wipe away with a dry towel for instant freshness. Use it daily to maintain a clean and fresh coat for longer.

Plant-based ingredients, such as aloe juice, cucumber fruit extract, glycerin, broccoli seed oil and grape seed oil provide soothing, softening and deodorizing benefits to dirty, and smelly coats.

Free from potentially irritating ingredients such as: harsh sulfates, artificial fragrances & dyes, drying SD alcohol, and essential oils. 

Vet-Dermatologist Approved | Fragrance-Free | pH-Balanced | Vegan | Cruelty-Free
8.4 fl oz | 250 mL
Made in Canada

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