Dogged Slow Feeder - Beach

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Let your dog enjoy their food rather than wolfing it down in record time. There are loads of benefits to eating slowly for us and for our pets. This bowl was designed with your dog’s health and well-being in mind. Bonus – it will also look beautiful in your space.


  • High quality food-grade safe silicone is odor and stain resistant and BPA/PVC free
  • Large suction cup bottom prevents slipping
  • Perfect for kibble, raw or wet food
  • Dishwasher and freezer safe
  • Can fit up to 3.5 cups of food
  • 19cm x 19cm x 4.5cm tall


  • Reduces the chances of the bloat and improves digestion
  • Keeps your dog entertained, mentally stimulated, and helps combat boredom
  • Stimulates a dog’s natural foraging instinct


dogged slow feeder bowls are dishwasher safe on the top rack. You can also wash in warm soapy water. The slow feeder is also freezer safe.


This is not a chew toy. Supervise your pet while using your dogged slow feeder bowl. If your slow feeder bowl becomes damaged, remove from use immediately.

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