Furryfolks - Tinned Jamon Nosework Toy

  • Polyester Poly filled
  • Crinkle paper
  • Squeaker
  • Rope


• Start by taking the jamón out of the tin.

• Open the tin lid, place a treat inside, roll it up, and secure it with Velcro.

• Place a treat in the treat pocket of the jamón.

• Also, put a treat inside the tin.

• Put the jamón back into the tin. Done and ready for a fun Nosework time!

• Play Tug using the rope at the end of jamón.

Machine wash cold with mild detergent Tumble dry low or air-dry Do not use fabric softeners Do not bleach Do not iron Do not dry-clean

No toys are entirely indestructible. For the safety of your furry friends, please keep the furryfolks item(s) within reach of your eyes and check the product(s) 's condition daily.

Tin: 4.5 in x 7 in

Jamón: 2.75 in x 5.5 in

All products are handmade, and sizes may vary slightly.

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