Your Dog, The Artist - Painting Workshop


Your Dog, The Artist - Painting Workshop read that correctly. Your dog is going to 'paint' you a picture! Join us for a night of fun with dog trainer Rileigh Rush. Your dog will learn 'how to paint' using positive clicker training to shape a new, fun behaviour. You can take your painting home and show off your dogs new artistic skills! 

This is a great way to learn how to teach your dog something new and out of the ordinary trick book while also enriching and bonding with your dog. 

Rileigh will be there to guide the way and for open training discussion. 

WHEN: March 22, 2020 from 6-8pm

WHERE: Good Boy Collective at 3633 Main St, Vancouver BC


  • We will provide the painting supplies (Safe paints, brushes, canvases, etc) 
  • We will provide human snacks and refreshments
  • The first part of the workshop will be focused on teaching your dog how to do the actions needed to 'paint'
  • This will be a no pressure, no negativity, no competition environment - just fun!
  • Last half of the workshop is for letting you and your dog's artistic juices flow and for open discussion with other attendees and Rileigh. 
  • You will be given a canvas to work with and can take your art home with you


  • Training Treats (small, bite size treats) 
  • Clicker (If you have one) 
  • Harness/Collar and 5-6ft leash
  • Please do not wear your favourite clothes - this might get messy! 

Please note:

If you do not use a clicker and prefer to use a verbal cue (i.e YES! or GOOD!), you can still attend this event. If you do not have a clicker but have used one before, we can provide you with one. 

If your dog has aggression issues or is reactive with other dogs - this workshop is not recommended since it is a group event. Please be sure that your dog is comfortable in a group setting with new people and new dogs before considering attending this event. 

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