The Foggy Dog Stone Gingham Dog Bed

$62.00 $49.60

The cover is made from heavyweight upholstery-grade cotton fabric that is beautiful, durable, and machine washable.

Recycle! Stuff the cover with an old dog bed, or your own linens or pillows. A sturdy YKK brass upholstery zipper makes removal easy.

  These beds come unstuffed, but we have stuffed them with the appropriate recommended pillows so you can purchase a complete bed. Pillows inside are new. 

Small: 20" x 30." Fits one queen size pillow.
Medium: 25" x 35." Fits two standard pillows.
Large: 30" x 40." Fits two king size pillows. 
Extra Large: 33" x 45." Fits three king size pillows.

Cover: Machine wash in cold water and air dry.
Insert: Recommend spot cleaning only.

100% Made in the USA

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