Strait to Summit - Pure Beef Summit Snacks

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our popular summit bar is now available in a training treat format! these formulated treats are perfect for small dogs or puppies, giving you peace of mind to train while ensuring their nutritional needs are met. 

Each bag is equal to approximately 2 bars. 

ingredients: ground beef*, beef heart*, beef offal (liver, spleen, kidney, sweetbreads), pasture raised organic eggshell.**

expected calcium:phosphorous ratio - 1.1:1

75g per bag


*glen alwin farm

**lost savanna farm

glen alwin is a multi generational family farm in the comox valley that has been in continuous operation since 1884. they raise limousin cattle traditionally - on pasture and without the use of hormones or antibiotics. this french breed is best known for their lean, high quality meat, high yield and ability to thrive on grass only diets.

storage once opened: 2-3 days on the shelf, 1-2 weeks in the fridge, indefinitely in the freezer.

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