Strait to Summit Pure Pork Bar

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a dehydrated complete raw nutrition bar. perfect for sport dogs, backpackers or hikers.

each bar is formed before drying and equal to 4 oz (1/4 lb) of raw food prior to drying. after drying weights may vary slightly.

ingredients: ground pork*, pork heart*, pork offal (liver, spleen, kidney*, pancreas, brain), pasture raised organic eggshell.*

expected calcium:phosphorous ratio - 1.1:1

sold per each


*lentelus farms

**lost savanna farm

Lentelus Farm is a multi-site agricultural facility located in the comox valley. they raise unique mixed heritage breed pigs that have been developed by the owner, Dave, over the past several years. their pigs are raised in social groups on pasture and allowed to freely express their natural instincts to forage, wallow and play. they are fed a non-gmo grain (including farm-grown grains) and are free of antibiotics, hormones and steroids.

lentelus - meaning "joy for spring" is named after Dave's grandfather's farm in Bo-Kouga, South Africa.  a multi-generational agriculturalist, Dave was inspired to bring regenerative farming practices to the comox valley, after years of work in sustainable forestry and resource conservation.

lost savanna farm is a certified organic and animal welfare approved farm in black creek, bc. they practice regenerative, biodynamic agriculture - this farming technique aims to improve soil quality and promote biodiversity. their pigs are raised on pasture and moved frequently to allow them to express natural rooting behaviours. this behaviour clears pasture of invasive or unwanted plants and is an integral part of soil improvement.

storage once opened: 2-3 days on the shelf, 1-2 weeks in the fridge, indefinitely in the freezer.

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