Strait to Summit Salmon Medallions

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our salmon medallions are a crumble-free, limited ingredient treat that will please even the pickiest of dogs and cats.


 Since 2013 Kuterra has been leading the transition away from marine net aquaculture at their Port McNeil, BC facility via the open source development of sustainable, land based aquaculture methods. Their salmon are raised in a stress free environment and without the use of hormones, pesticides, or antibiotics. 98% of their water is recycled back into the closed containment system, and farm waste is collected and turned into rich compost. This method of sustainable farming has no detrimental impact on sensitive marine environments: fish cannot escape, disease cannot be transmitted, there is no harmful runoff into the environment, and marine life cannot become caught in nets

 ingredients: land raised atlantic salmon, free range egg* - 50g

*lentelus farms

storage once opened: 2-3 days on the shelf, 1-2 weeks in the fridge, indefinitely in the freezer.

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