Roohami Basket Dog Beds

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ROOHAMI dog beds, made from natural elephant grass. Baskets shown in the in store image are the ones we have available. 

No leather, vegan! 

This basket is hand made in Ghana, it takes around 2-3 days to make by a local family. This is a fair trade product and ordered by Roohami from the family to support them directly.

"Our hand made, sustainable, eco-friendly Roohami Baskets are hand woven and dyed with natural, non-toxic products by local tradespeople in Ghana, especially for you. Each and every single piece is ‘one of a kind’, so you’ll never find another like the one you own! Our goods are made in Ghana by talented crafts people who are paid exactly what they believe their goods are worth. They set their own prices for their pieces, and are paid that amount. We want to ensure that the community of weavers in Ghana are able to earn a living that they deserve."

Small Sizing: 

25" Length, 16" Wide, 10" wall

Medium Sizing: 

28" Length, 18" Wide, 11" wall

(sizing is approximate and will vary per bed) 

Patterns vary, please contact us for availability.