Mountain Mutt Waterproof Biothane Multi Way Leash (Several Colors Available)

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This is 10+ leashes in one! This leash is made with snaps on both ends, which allows it to be used a variety ways. To keep things simple, we designed the leash so the snap with the D Ring is the end that is always attached to the dog. Here are some ways to use this leash:
  • 7 ft  - With the leash as is, not clipped into anything, the leash is 7ft long
  • 6 ft with handle - Clip the end snap into the closest D Ring to make a handle
  • 4.5 ft - Clip the end snap into the middle D Ring to make the leash 4.5 ft long. Perfect for scenarios when you want your dog closer like busy streets. The handle is large enough that you can fit it over your shoulder too if you have a bigger dog.
  • 3.5 ft traffic leash - Clip the end snap into the D ring attached to the snap on the dog end to make the leash 3.5ft long. This is the shortest the leash can go, which is perfect for busy streets or walking through crowded areas. Having the leash shorter encourages proper leash handling and prevents wrapping the leash around your hand.
  • Hands free - cross body - Clip the end snap into the middle D Ring and slip on over your head to make a cross body leash with the leash on one of your shoulders and the dog end hanging down at your side. The leash is long enough for an average size person to comfortably walk any size dog, including very small dogs. This is ideal for service dogs, or when your hands a full with groceries, keys, pushing a stroller, etc.
  • Hands free - waist - Clip the snap into the sliding O Ring on the handle end and adjust the slider to keep it in place. This is perfect for joggers, or anytime your hands are full with groceries, keys, pushing a stroller, etc.
  • Multi tool training  - Clip one end into your dogs flat collar and one end into your training collar (Halti, prong, slip, martingale, etc) and hold in the middle.  This allows you to apply pressure to a specific training tool without having to switch which collar you're clipped into and also offers you a back up incase your dog slips out of a training tool or it fails.
  • 2 Dogs - Clip both ends to a dogs collar/harness and hold in the middle and walk two dogs at once with the same leash. 
  • Tie out - Tie the leash around a tree, pole etc without having to unclip your dog from your leash. Just use the end snap, wrap around the object of your choice and clip into either the closest D ring or the closest sliding O ring.
  • Slip Lead - Clip the dog snap into the nearest sliding O ring, slide over your dogs head and adjust the slider so your dog can't back out of it. This is perfect for those moments when you don't have a collar handy and want to quickly take your dog out for a potty break or hop in the car. If you are not familiar with slip leashes, please look up the correct way to put it on your dog and how to use it - talk to a dog trainer you trust if possible.
Check out our Instagram highlights for videos of the leash in motion.

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