Monty's Rechargeable Dog Collar Light - Pink

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Introducing new eco-friendly, biodegradable and home compostable dog poop bags! Our USB rechargeable powered dog collar lights easily attach to your dogs collar leash or harness to help them stay seen in lowlight and night time conditions. Each light features an easy push on or off button and is waterproof so no need to panic if you get stuck in the rain.

Choose from 3 light modes (solid or flashing) to keep your dog more visible when out and about. Each light comes with a micro USB charging cable inside. Charge lasts approx. 4 hours.

Product Information:

  • Can be attached to dog or cat collars, leashes or harnesses
  • Available in yellow, pink, blue or green
  • 3 light modes - 1 solid and 2x flashing modes
  • Recharge time is 1 hour
  • Charge lasts approx. 4 hours
  • Comes with micro USB cable inside box

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