Lambwolf Co Fossil Collar - Dunes

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Suggested for dogs under 55lbs

FOSSIL is a contemporary weave at 1¼" or 3cm width. It is named after a subtle dip in the middle as if the weave is submerging. It is recommended for those who are looking for a flat weave. Mia wears a S here in the photo.

Paracord is marked by its lightweight and strong qualities. When woven together, it creates a strong part that is extremely sturdy, resistant to rot, mildew and durable. 

The woven paracord part works just like a padding to absorb shock when the collar is pulled. Together with its lightness, our collars offer a comfortable wear both at rest and during training. 

• each collar is made with a continuous paracord that can be used for emergencies 
• waterproof adjustment belt + water resistant paracord
• rust resistant solid rings
• each collar is hand woven and each might be slightly different from another

Please use a measurement using a measuring tape on your pup in standing or sitting position. Then tape should be tight but you can still fit two fingers in the collar when worn. The measurement should not be larger than the head measurement to avoid the collar from slipping out.

* Please do not use the exact neck size measurement, it'll be too tight! Add room as you find suitable.
* Do not use an old measurement or just an existing measurement from your other collars. Our collars are made differently and are slightly thicker than most collars in the market with the woven paracord part. Please measure your pup at the time of the purchase. If you have a puppy growing up fast, we recommend you to buy a size larger.





11 - 13 inches

28 - 33 cm


13 - 15 inches

33 - 38 cm


15 - 17 inches

38 - 43 cm


> 17 inches

> 43 cm

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