"I Just Got A Puppy!' Workshop (Age 8-16 weeks)

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YOUR DOGS AGE: 8-16 weeks (No younger than 8 weeks and no older than 16 weeks for duration of class) 

LENGTH: 2 weeks (1 Virtual Orientation + 2 Group Classes) 

Workshops dates are as follows:

    • Virtual Orientation (Date TBA, 1 Hour)
    • Saturday November 21 - Group Class (2 Hours)
    • Saturday November 28 - Group Class  (2 Hours)

Classes are held in an indoor space near Main and Broadway. 

PRICE: $185

Bringing Home Puppy (best practices, tips and tricks), how dogs learn, socialization and how to get your puppy on track with housetraining. We also provide a PUPPY PASSPORT to give you some homework outside of class to start off right! 

Main focus is positive experiences with new dogs, people, places, and sounds within the critical socialization window of 8-16 weeks of age. Dogs who participate in this sort of socialization program are more likely to be able to cope with potentially stressful events in their lives as adult dogs.


  • Please bring proof of vaccinations to your first class. Dogs MUST have their first round of vaccinations in order to start class. 
  • Training Treats (small, bite size treats) 
  • Clicker (Our gift to you! but you will need to bring it to each class) 
  • Harness/Collar and 5-6ft leash


Please choose your desired day and class time. Available time slots and dates will show above. 

After you have purchased your course, we will send you additional information via email confirming your class, with additional forms required for our courses. 

Classes have 4 dogs in each class for a smaller and more one on one style of training. Since we have a small space, we ask that only 1-2 human family members accompany your dog. 

Please note: Since this puppy class is important for socialization, we will try to keep same size/energy level breeds in the same class. We may suggest a different time slot than you have chosen to better suit your puppy.