DogDog Goose Biothane Waterproof Collar - Grey + Black

$37.50 $25.00

Made of durable, waterproof synthetic biothane material with brass-plated accent hardware, this collar is sturdy enough for even the toughest canines! Design has been thoroughly swim, tug, scratch, roll-in-mud tested on my spotted canine.

Made in Alberta, Canada. 


- Biothane is a synthetic material composed of an embossed "leather-like" PVC outer layer and a nylon core. It is waterproof and stinkproof which is great for dogs who love to swim, and the colour will remain bright for years to come. 

- Biothane can be cleaned with warm water and soap, or a cloth with a dab of rubbing alcohol. Care instructions are included with every item when shipped. In rare events, a small amount of colour transfer to the fur is possible, however it is non-hazardous and will clean with soap and water.

- Colours may vary from the photographs as each monitor will show colours differently. 

- All metal hardware components carry a lifetime warranty - in the rare event of a failure, just contact DogDog Goose and replacement parts will be sent out.

Please don't hesitate to contact with any questions or special requests prior to purchasing.


XS: 7-11" Neck 5/8" Width

S: 10-14" Neck  5/8" Width

M: 14-18" Neck 1" Width

L: 17-21" Neck 1" Width

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