Dog Training Course - Manners (1 Year +)


YOUR DOGS AGE: 1 year + 

LENGTH: 4 weeks (1 class per week) 

PRICE: $140 ($35 a class) 


Focus on training appropriate, humane, consistent boundaries. Trick training for redirection and enrichment.

Every dog needs good manners - indoors and out.

    • Dog psychology - How dogs learn!
    • Loose leash walking basics
    • Interrupters and relaxation protocol
    • Tricks! (tug, drop it, go to bed, down, spin, touch, and more)
    • Please bring proof of vaccinations to your first class. Dogs MUST be up to date with all vaccinations in order to attend class. 
    • Training Treats (small, bite size treats) 
    • Clicker (Our gift to you! but you will need to bring it to each class) 
    • Harness/Collar and 5-6ft leash


    Please choose your desired day and class time. Available time slots and dates will show above. 

    After you have purchased your course, we will send you additional information via email confirming your class, with additional forms required for our courses. 

    Classes have 3-4 dogs in each class for a smaller and more one on one style of training. Since we have a small space, we ask that only 1-2 human family members accompany your dog. 

    Please note: If your dog has aggression issues or is reactive with other dogs - this course is not recommended since it is a group class. Contact us if you are interested in PRIVATE LESSONS.

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