Lambwolf Polar Fleece - Baby Blue (SIZE XL AVAILABLE)

$65.00 $45.00

POLAR is a turtleneck polar fleece sweater made with a stretchy fabric for the ultimate comfort and cozy fit. An opening is available for collar attachment behind the neck and this sweater is also water repellent! You can also flip the turtleneck down for another look for style or fit.

Machine wash cold, line dry

\please note that breed and weight information on pictures here are for reference only. Please purchase based on exact measurements of your dog in standing position.

Please measure your dog in standing position.

Please provide a measurement using a measuring tape on your pup in standing position. Do not use an old measurement or just an existing measurement from other clothes.

Neck: The area where the collar is worn. 
Girth: The widest part of your dog's torso, usually right behind the armpits of the front legs. 
Length: Measure the lower neck till the beginning of the tail. 

Neck Girth Length
XS 12.5" 32 cm 14.2" 40 cm 10.6" 27 cm
S 14.1" 36 cm 16.5" 44 cm 12.5" 32 cm
M 15.7" 40 cm 18.9" 48 cm 14.1" 36 cm
L 16,5" 42 cm 21.2" 54 cm 16" 40 cm
XL 18" 46 cm 22.8" 58 cm 17.3" 44 cm
XXL 18.9" 48 cm 25.2" 64 cm 18.1" 46 cm
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