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Meet our adjustable leash; made out of Wander Webbing®, an exclusive webbing designed and created by le shoob. Wander Webbing® is waterproof, stink-proof, and stain-proof, all while being 100% vegan. This webbing is softer, lighter, and more flexible than Biothane, making it the perfect material for even the dirtiest dog.

The adjustable leash is an exclusive le shoob design, created by one of our customers at a design lab appointment and has the ability to become a leash of any length, from 3-6 feet. This leash is extremely versatile and can be short for training/high traffic areas, or long for leisurely walks. This leash can also be used as a supervised tether around a table leg during brunch, or you can clip both snap hooks to two dogs, and walk two at once!

Each leash is designed and handmade by our team in san diego, ca, using the best materials. These leashes are finished with solid brass hardware, which won’t rust and will withstand any adventure. Our hardware is also coated with a sealant to prevent it from tarnishing and increase the life of its’ sheen. Each leash comes with our signature, metal logo charm. 

These leashes are pre-made and will ship out within 1-3 business days if not purchased with other items that have a longer processing time. Due to this, these items can not be adjusted or altered in any way, and come as shown in the product photos. If you want to make any changes or alterations, please order a custom leash.

All of our Wander Webbing® products come with a lifetime guarantee, as our promise to you that our products are made to last.

Product Details:

Overall length (from hook to hook): 6.25ft

Width: 3/4”

Care guide:

  1. Run the leash under water and wash with gentle soap to get rid of any sand, dirt, or marks

  2. If the brass hardware tarnishes over time, use a brass metal polish or homemade remedy to bring your hardware back to its former shiny self

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