Dog Magazine - Issue 4


Words cannot describe how beautiful this magazine is. It will be a popular book on your coffee table. 


  • "We travelled to LA to interview Sharon Osbourne and chat about her Poms. One of them, Bella, is this issue's cover star"
  • From Gdańsk to Warsaw to Kraków, the travel section visits Poland and the Pomerania Region, the home of the Pom "
  • The lead story looks into the breed’s interesting history and enduring popularity over the years. From Queen Victoria to Kim Kardashian, the Pomeranian has always had friends in high places"
  • A couple visit a state prison in the US, where a dog training programme is taking place"
  • Why Donald Trump is the first president in almost 70 years not to have a pet in the White House"
  • And comedian and dog owner Fortune Feimster talks about her metaphorical rise in the world of comedy"
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