Fable Pets - Falcon Puzzle Toy - Navy


For interactive or independent quiet play.

Our Falcon Toy features a custom falcon-claw design with multiple treat cavities to promote both interactive or independent quiet play, while the interlocking shape allows multiple toys to combine for added feeding, tugging, treating, and rolling functionality.

Two types of treat cavities accommodate both dry food (like kibble) and spreads (like peanut butter) simultaneously. The unique colors blend into any decor while also optimizing for your dog's visible color spectrum.

  • Made of TPE (non-toxic, BPA free, pthalate free, latex free)
  • Wash in dishwasher on top rack or hand rinse with soapy water
  • Made in China, designed in USA
  • Interconnecting design: combine multiple toys for added feeding, chewing, pulling, or rolling functionality
  • Two types of treat cavities accommodate dry food (e.g. kibble) and spreads (e.g. peanut butter)
  • Irregular falcon-claw shape enables interactive- or independent quiet play
  • Optimized for safe tug-of-war play and chewing
  • Custom colors selected to account for canine visible spectrum while fitting any decor

We do not recommend this toy for power chewers. Although the material is very strong and resistant to chewing (though it is not intended as a chew toy), the arm will not stand up to power chewers. Every dog plays differently and it is always best to keep a close watch on your dog just in case.

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