Loblola Pinecone Puzzle Toy

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Dogs have been playing with pinecones for thousands of years, and this one is perfect to bring into your living room, the campsite, the van, or a nice spot by the lake. The Loblolly Pinecone is a durable, interactive dog toy that hides treats behind the scales and in its hollow core. The pinecone's true-to-nature shape piques dogs' natural curiosity and provides mental stimulation while reconnecting them with their instinctual play habits. 

* Stuff the inside hollow with kibble or wet dog food

* Tuck treats in the nooks behind each scale to up the challenge

* Smear on peanut butter or pumpkin and freeze for long lasting play

The Loblolly Pinecone dog toy is made of a durable, bouncy TPE material that is food grade safe, non-toxic, and BPA & phthalate-free. Its size measures 4.5"x3". It's also top-rack dishwasher-safe and infused with a natural, highly-diluted peppermint oil.

This toy is rated for mild chewers and is not recommended for puppies. A friendly reminder that no toy is indestructible. 

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