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This lightweight, modern pet home is a wonderful and cozy hideaway. Shaped in a cone with an oval opening, it includes an extra comfortable cushion that is removable.

Zipper construction enables easy assembly and access throughout for cleaning including the interior. This home can be rolled up and placed into a convenient bag allowing you to carry a familiar spot for your pet when traveling. Its simple and sophisticated design blends easily with your home decor.

- Machine washable
- House: Polyester / Cushion: 100% Cotton
- Designed for easy setup


- Dimensions: 24"x22.5"x22.5"

Would work best for dogs up to 10-18 LBS


- Dimensions: 27"x 26"x 26"
- Would work best for dogs up to 18-25 LBS


-30" l x 30" w x 33" h


Would work best for dogs up to 25-40 LBS

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