Good Boy Training

We offer basic and fundamental dog training courses with certified dog trainer Rileigh Rush. 

  • Force free, fear free and positive reinforcement training.
  • Puppy Courses are 5 weeks long, 1 class a week.
  • Private Lessons available for all dog ages
  • Workshops are available for existing training clients
  • Choose your date range and preferred class time
  • Learn about Dog Psychology - How Dogs Learn and best practices.
  • PUPPY 1 (Age: 8-16 Weeks)
  • PUPPY 2 (Age: 16 weeks - 1 year) 

Rileigh grew up in Prince Edward Island, dreaming of working with animals. When Rileigh taught the family cat to play fetch her parents decided she was ready for a dog and rescued a shelter dog for her 10th birthday. Eventually as a young adult she got her own dog - Toby, a very poorly behaved young puppy. Moving to the city (Charlottetown) with her dog was a big challenge so she decided to take classes with a local dog trainer, Delecia Maynard CPDT-KA. 

Rileigh Rush and her dog, Toby.

What started as an introduction to Agility class, ended in a two year mentorship and Professional Dog Trainer Certification. Delecia introduced Rileigh to methods of animal training free of force and fear, and full of rewards and science. The science of behaviour is an endless journey, with new things happening all the time.  Rileigh has attended two international conferences with the APDT (Association for Professional Dog Trainers) and the PPG (Pet Professional Guild) during her years of continued study in the dog training realm.

After a move to the west coast in 2015, Rileigh is excited to bring her skills to you at Good Boy Collective on Main Street. She is passionate about living in the city with a happy, healthy dog. Toby remains her constant companion at 10 years old.

What exactly will happen to my dog if they get it wrong?


Typically, the consequence of your dog choosing the incorrect behaviour is that they won’t receive food reinforcement. Sometimes, we work with the environment as the reinforcement, which means we will prevent access to the environment without the correct criteria. ie: loose leash to access smelling/sniffing on a walk.

What exactly will happen to my dog if they get it right?

Click & Treat! We “Mark” the desired behaviour and deliver food reinforcement. An important thing to remember is that The dog decides what the “reinforcement” is. If a dog is fearful of an event or trigger, they could decide that distance from the trigger is what they want most. We will always try to provide an environment where the dog is accepting food reinforcement, as this indicates low stress and willingness to learn.

Is there a less invasive/aversive alternative to the method you propose?

Positive reinforcement training with the use of food is the most humane and ethical method of training your pet. I will always use the method with the least amount of stress for your pet, free of pain, force and fear. I will use tools that promote the safety and comfort of your pet. We will modify the environment as much as possible to create a safe space for learning. If we come to a point where I can no longer help for whatever reason, I will refer you to a trusted veterinary behaviourist.