The Paws Bandana - Patches Upcycled Bandana

Please note: All of these bandanas are unique since they are made from recycled prints. You may not get one like the one that is pictured but we promise they are all cute! 
The Paws raises funds for dogs in need through each item sold. It's their mission.
Part of the proceeds from your purchase will be directly donated to rescue, rehabilitate + support dogs in need.
100% Cotton 
Handmade in Bali 
Machine washable 
Line dry or tumble dry low


Size Guide:
Small - Fits cats, puppies & smaller dogs
Neck Size 8" - 12"

Medium - Perfect for Frenchies, Pugs, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, rescue Mix Breed pups, and smaller Doodles.
Neck Size 12" - 15"

Large - For bigger dogs like Labradors or larger Doodles.
Neck Size 15" - 17"

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